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How To Do Yoga Kapalbhati Pranayama Breathing Exercises

Category : health , 2 years ago

Kapalbhati Pranayama - Excellent For Cancer, Diabetes, Asthma.- Yoga Health Fitness. 'Kapal' means forehead and 'Bhati' means light. It refers that by this breathing exercise forehead becomes luminous and lustrous, which means all diseases disappears and body becomes pure, healthy and happy. Kapalbhati Pranayama is a miraculous breathing exercise, invented by Indian yogis thousands years ego, for complete body fitness. It affects even those diseases which are impossible to be cured by medicines like cancer, diabetes, asthma. Numerous patients have gained healthy and happy life by adopting it, in their daily life. The best time for pranayama is early morning along with empty stomach. Though it can also be practiced after at least 'five hours' of having food, as this gap is enough to digest the consumed food and the stomach gets relaxed. Some patients of chronic diseases are advised to practice pranayama twice a day, in the morning and evening, must follow these guidelines. Precautions:- After pranayama, food should NOT be taken at least for 20 minutes, so as to countdown the body. Though very little amount of water can be taken if needed any time. Benefits : 1) Improves respiration, lung capacity and blood circulation, helps cure associated diseases like asthma, bronchitis etc. 2) Improves digestion, Cures diseases and imbalances associated with indigestion, gas, diabetes, etc. 3) Practiced over time, Kapalbhati Pranayama also helps reduce abdominal fat, fight obesity, tone abdominal muscles and bestow core abdominal strength and power. 4) Generates heat in the system to help dissolve toxins and waste matter. 5) Adds luster and beauty to your face.
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