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Gain Weight in Right Way

Gain Weight in Right Way

Category : health , 2 years ago

Gaining weight is similar to losing weight; nothing is impossible with the right diet, exercise and attitude. Here are some simple tips which helps you to gain the weight in right way

Eggs: They are easily available and come with the budget, being full of proteins, Vitamins A, D, E and provide body with good cholesterol.

Butter: It is one such food which from long time is being considered to be good for weight gain however it is suggested to have this only in limited quantities and if this quantity is increased on daily basis it will have bad effect on the heart.

Yogurt: Fruit based yogurt is said to have lesser fat is also considered healthy apart from which it also is said to add 118 calories for which it is necessary to add in daily diet for increased weight.

Salmon: It is necessary to take two servings of salmon on daily basis to see that it provides necessary proteins to the body which will help in increasing weight.

Chocolates: High-cocoa chocolate contains compounds called polyphenols, which research shows may keep blood vessels dilated and help lower blood pressure. But before making a daily habit of the dark sweets, be mindful that along with cocoa comes saturated fat and sugar. “You may think it’s good for your heart, which it can be if eaten in moderation. But go overboard and you’ll get lots of calories that can pile on weight, which isn’t heart healthy at all.   Look for brands with the highest percentage of cocoa and opt for smaller packages versus the temptation of larger bars.

Chicken Breast: This is one of the healthiest foods to add calories to the party also having lesser fat by adding only 78 calories in each serving of chicken breast.

Soybeans: Higher calorie food which is extremely delicious and nutty is known to be full of proteins along with calcium, fiber, B-vitamins and Iron hence are known to add to the body health.

Cheese: It is said to be one such item helps in adding weight to the body; only one serving of this cheese will add 69 calories since it is made from concentrated milk adding proteins to the body along with calcium, cholesterol and fat.

Beans:  These are best substitutes for those vegetarians who cannot gain benefits from animal proteins.

Olive Oil: For easier method to add calories to the body it is better to change the cooking oil which can be chosen from among olive oil, canola oil that also are found to be beneficial for body health.’

Bananas: One banana is said to provide the body with 100 calories which also provides the body with necessary carbohydrates and nutrition hence this also is suggested food for those who undergo rigorous workouts.

Potatoes: Grilled or baked potatoes are known to help in gain weight to the body due to presence of carbohydrates and complex sugars in them. 

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