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4 Things Girls do better at school than boys

4 Things Girls do better at school than boys

Category : general , 2 years ago

For centuries, boys were top of the class. But these days, that’s no longer the case.  It has been proven that girls are smarter than boys and one reason is because girls learn better. This is because women are better organized, open, and considerate.

A new studies examined how 15 years old boys and girls performed at reading, mathematics and science.  Boys still score somewhat better at maths, and in science the genders are roughly equal.  But when it comes to students who really struggle, the difference is stark; boys are 50% more likely than girls to fall short of basic standards in all the following four areas.

1. Girls read more than boys. Reading proficiency is the basis upon which all other learning is built. When boys don’t do well at reading, their performance in other school subjects suffers too.

2. Girls spend more time on homework. On average, girls spend five and a half hours per week doing homework while boys spend a little less than four and a half hours. Researchers suggest that doing homework set by teachers is linked to better performance in maths, reading and science.

Boys, it appears, spend more of their FREE time in the virtual world; they are 17% more likely to play collaborative online games than girls every day. They also use the internet more.

3. Set Goals. Researches show that girls succeed over boys in school because most of them have an inborn trait which makes them apt to plan ahead, set academic goals and put effort into achieving those goals. This ability of girls is termed as conscientiousness. Boys are less conscientious than girls.

4. Consistent Efforts. Boys are more performance-oriented and only target the final grades whereas girls are consistent and organized workers. Girls feel satisfied with their year-long consistent efforts and when they impress their teachers with those efforts. On the other hand boys are less concerned about impressing teachers with consistent efforts.

Boys Vs Girls

As compared to boys girls are more adept at "paying attention to the teacher than daydreaming”, "reading test instructions before proceeding to questions". They have that self-control to choose homework over T.V.

Girls are more patient and have the ability to persist on long-term assignments despite of getting bored and frustrated. Hence, girls perform better than boys in school.

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